About Hosome

In the changing world, what is unchanging? The answer is home where we feel peaceful, happy and relaxed and where we can find delight and the meaning of life.

Hosome Air Fryer

One-click Separation of Frying Basket and Pot. Besides, the non-stick coated design makes cleanup a breeze

hosome air fryer

Hosome 2 Slice Toaster

Hosome Toaster for 2 slices was designed with brushed stainless steel material, exquisite appearance, proper design in your kitchen.

hosome 2 slice toaster

Smart Wifi Hepa Air Purifier

Able to filter pet hair, dander, smoke, odor, pollen perfect for pet owners, babies, children, elderly or anyone who wants to improve indoor air quality.

portable hepa filter air purifier

Hosome Smart Home

Hosome HC20 PRO Vacuum Cleaner

Make Your House Cleaning Easier.