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Hosome Smart Portable Hepa Filter Air Purifier for Home

$129.99 $239.99 saving $110.00
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Hosome Smart Portable Hepa Filter Air Purifier for Home

$129.99 $239.99 saving $110.00
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Hosome KJ210F: High-Performance Air Purifier for Home

hosome smart portable hepa filter air purifie


4-Stage Filtration System

The Hepa filter air purifier features a 4-layer purification system using an advanced composite filter technology, able to filter pet hair, dander, smoke, odor, pollen perfect for pet owners, babies, children, the elderly, or anyone who wants to improve indoor air quality.

Efficient Purification & Huge Coverage

With a 340m³/h CADR rating, the home air purifier with a 45W powerful motor can circulate purified air 5 times per hour in a room up to 1076 sq. ft to significantly improve the indoor air quality for you and your whole family.

removes up to 99.97%

3 Fan Speeds & Ultra-Quiet Operation

Choose from low, medium, or High fan speed according to your needs, or directly use the quiet air purifier in the Auto mode so it will automatically adjust the fan speed according to actual environment and air quality. Moreover, the air purifier for the bedroom runs at only 22dB in sleep mode to create a refreshing and soothing environment for your undisturbed sleep.

4-stage pufification

APP & Voice Control and Portable Size

The portable air purifier supports “Smart Life” APP control and Amazon Alexa/Google Assistant voice control to enhance the user experience. Besides, the compact, portable design with carrying handles allows you to move it easily to fit into any small and medium rooms such as living room, bedroom, study room, baby room, etc.

Air Quality Sensor & 4-Color Indicator

The PM air quality sensor detects the real-time PM2.5 changes and the air purifier for the large room will then change the color of light accordingly to give you intuitive visual feedback of the actual air quality in your environment (Green=Excellent, Blue=Good, Yellow=Fair, Red=Poor), so you can check your indoor air quality with great ease.

air quality led indicator

PM2.5 detection light ring

The smart air quality sensor detects PM2.5 changes in real-time and the 4-color indicator then visually shows the results, so you can instantly know the actual status of air quality in your room

Green PM2.5≤50 Excellent

Blue 50<PM2.5≤100 Good

Yellow 100<PM2.5≤200 Fair

Red 200<PM2.5≤500 Poor

control anywhere

APP Remote Control & Voice Control

The “Smart Life” free APP allows you to control your smart air purifier easily, such as set timer, adjust fan speed, check air quality, etc. Or voice control the device via Amazon Alexa/Google Assistant

APP remote control

Child Safety Lock

The touch control panel will temporarily lose its control, which avoids the danger caused by the children's misoperation due to curiosity

child safety lock

Quiet as Whisper

Sound down to 22dB and indicators off in sleep mode, so you can sleep undisturbed all night in a healthy and restful environment

quiet as whisper

3 Fan Speeds and Auto Mode

Choose from low, medium, or high-speed settings to adjust the wind speed. In auto mode, the air purifier for smoke will automatically adjust according to the air quality

3 fan speeds and auto mode

Filter Change Reminder

The indicator flashes after the filter have been used for 6-8 months (3000 hours). After filter replacement, remember to reset the filter usage time by long-pressing the TIMER+On/Off buttons simultaneously for 3s

filter change reminder

Convenience Handle Design

The pet air cleaner features 2 carrying handles for easy portability

convenience handle design

Automatic Shut-Off Protection

If the back cover is loose or opened by accident, the bedroom air purifier will automatically shut off to avoid any safety hazard

automatic shut-off protection
Color White
Brand Hosome
Item Dimensions LxWxH 12.99 x 6.69 x 20.08 inches
Power Source AC
Item Weight 4.5 Kilograms