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Hosome Smart Floor Robot Vacuum Cleaner G9070 for Pet Hair

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Hosome Smart Floor Robot Vacuum Cleaner G9070 for Pet Hair

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Hosome Robot Vacuum Cleaner

The robot vacuum cleaner adopts a premium brushless motor that provides up to 1900Pa suction, easily doing the household cleaning work for you. Its gyroscopic navigation system can clean dust efficiently and suck more than 99.99% mites simultaneously, making you breathe fresher, healthier air at home.

hosome robot vacuum cleaner

remate control


App Remote Control

app remote control

You can use the "Robot Cleaner" App for remote control, giving orders to your Robot anytime, anywhere. Even if you are away from home, just control the robot sweeper to work by the mobile APP, and you will see it clean and tidy when you get home.

Voice Control

voice control

The Robot is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant for voice control. Start a real smart life, Free your hands from now on.

"S" Smart Path Planning

s smart path planning

Gyroscopic navigation technology makes the Robot perform "S" path planning so as to avoid repeated cleaning and improve efficiency.

Cross Obstacles

advanced climbing ability

It can cross obstacles with a 20mm span height and clean plush carpets efficiently. The body is equipped with infrared anti-drop & anti-collision sensors. Effectively remove hair and dust on the floor and carpets.

Ultra-Thin & Low Noise Design

low noise designquiet cleaning

The height of the product body is only 7.2cm. Besides, The Robot also features a smooth air duct design, low power consumption, low noise(≤55dBA). All of these features make it the best choice for household cleaning.

Virtual Wall

virtual wall

4M free boundary strips can form an effective virtual wall and send a blocked signal to the Robot, guiding it to clean accurately.

Smart Infrared Sensors

smart infrared sensors

There are multiple groups of infrared sensors on the body, which helps the Robot smartly identify obstacles and prevent collision and dropping during cleaning.

120min Runtime & Auto-Charging

Auto-Charging design ensures the Robot will automatically return to the charging dock via infrared induction when the battery is low, which is smart and convenient.


auto charging