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Hosome Air Fryer Large Stainless Steel Countertop Toaster Oven

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Hosome Air Fryer Large Stainless Steel Countertop Toaster Oven

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Hosome Air Fryer Toaster Oven Reach Your Exception!

Hosome air fryer toaster oven


Super Powerful Features

Hosome large toaster oven with 8 functions include air fryer for chips, roast, pizza, cookies, warmth, bake and broil, a great helper for making delicious food. Range 0-450℉ temperature, up to 60 Mins can be choice, precise temperature and time can be better to make yummy food.

Great Constant Temperature Design

All new 360°hot air circulation, Air fryer toaster oven working to maintain a constant temperature to ensure the food toasting evenly.

Large Capacity designed for Family

About 30 liters, ensure enough for the whole family for one time. Large capacity is suitable for different kinds of foods. like roast chicken, pizza, steak, cake and so on. practical products you should have one.

different kinds of foods

Impressive Detail Design

Built-in oven lamp and glass door, the inside of the oven is clear; 4 slots inside can service more kinds of food. Anti-scald doorknob ergonomically designed; 4 Accessories included-The icing on the cake.

Easy to Operate & Clean

Select one function on the surface after power on, then rotate the temp and time knob on your desired, it will work automatically. When the time turns 0, it will stop with a di” sound. Please note: if you select “toast”, please rotate the last gear to set the time shift. After finishing, drag out the bottom tray for easy cleaning.

easy to operate

Up to 8 preset functions are included, not only air fryer but also roast, pizza, cookies, warm, bake, broil, air fryer, and toast. Hosome toaster oven almost for our whole family's needs in the kitchen.

up to 8 preset functions

360° High-Speed Air Circulation Technology

High speed circulate hot wind can fry the oils which belong to the food effectively, heat can penetrate the food and make its surface crunchy and keep it's delicious taste and nutrient. The different functions you choose, the different tastes you can enjoy.

360° high-speed air circulation technology

DIY Fine Food

8 functions in one air fryer can help you to make most of the foods, like snacks, Cakes, pizza, steak, roast chicken homemade cookies, dried fruit, and so on. You can enjoy fine food in a fine Restaurant even you stay at home. Add color to life.

diy fine food