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cooking with hosome air fryer

Amazing Air Fryer, the Reason Why Your Kitchen Has an Air Fryer

The beauty of fried food is irreplaceable. Whether it's pasta, vegetables, or even fruits, it will become fluffy, golden, crisp and crunchy, unstoppable.

fried food

But when I think of its greasy and high calorie, it will be full of deep self-blame, and the air fryer just solves this big problem for us.

It can be cooked with less oil than stir-frying, and it has a delicious deep-fried texture. It is simpler than an oven and has no oily smoke. For friends who cook every day, it can be regarded as one of the kitchen tools.

Some people concluded that air fryer is especially suitable for the elderly, fat people and lazy people. In other words: the air fryer is especially suitable for people who are looking for low sugar, low fat, and high efficiency!

Hosome air fryer

An air fryer is a really good news for lazy people.

1. You don't need to worry about the ingredients, you can make delicious in a few minutes

The air fryer is essentially more like a "simple oven with fan". It uses an internal super-powered fan to turn the air in the pot into an extremely fast circulating heat flow, thereby dehydrating the food, and the surface becomes golden and crisp. Simply put, it is to use hot air instead of "oil" to achieve the effect of frying.

Compared with a large oven, it saves time and trouble.

It's very easy to get started. Just stuff the prepared ingredients set the time and temperature, and a delicious meal can be served in a few minutes. If your air fryer can't be intelligently constant temperature and timing, then you can set a temperature of 180 degrees Celsius, and everything will be fine.

Moreover, the food it makes is crisper and more fragrant. At the same temperature, the air fryer is much more "fierce" than a large oven, and the resulting food is crispy, crunchy, and fragrant, and it does not lose frying at all.

cooking with air fryer

The air fryer also has some magical functions such as "reheating".

The fried chicken and spare ribs left over from the day before usually taste better after reheating than in the microwave oven. Especially the quick-frozen semi-finished products that are often available in supermarkets, such as frozen chicken nuggets, French fries, fried dough sticks, etc., paired with the air fryer is simply wonderful, and you can harvest the fragrant and crispy deliciousness in a few minutes.

chicken nuggets and french fries

What's more, it can also be used to defrost quickly without any impact on the meat quality itself. Sometimes when handling frozen ingredients, forget to defrost slowly in the refrigerator in advance. At this time, defrosting with an air fryer is a good choice.

defrost in an air fryer

It can even be used to blow dry wipes!

blow dry the cloth in an air fryer

2. Frying and roasting everything, all in one pot

However, many people's knowledge of air fryers is only limited to French fries and fried chicken wings. But in fact, it is the hidden "all-around player" in the kitchen appliance industry, and it is used very frequently at home. Frying and roasting everything is fine, and there are many cooking methods. With it, you can easily eat crispy toast every day.

With it, you can eat Orleans grilled wings, egg tarts, grilled shrimps...

chicken wings

With it, you can make homemade potato chips, dried apples, dried pineapples...healthy and delicious.

potato chips

If you want to use more than one pot, then the air fryer is simply perfect. With it, you are equivalent to owning a toaster (toaster), barbecue stove, egg cooker, fryer, oven, thawing machine, fruit dryer, dryer...

Even the little white in the kitchen can cheat openly and become a master cook, making a table full of feasts~

3. Very little oil after eating, easy to clean

For many lazy people, washing dishes and pots after meals is more troublesome than cooking.

cleaning the basket of the air fryer

Even occasionally I want to cook a meal on a whim, but when I think of a greasy pot, I have to work hard to brush it, and I was immediately dissuaded.

With an air fryer, you don't have to worry too much about cleaning the pot. Almost no oil is used in the whole cooking process, and most of them are non-stick coating, which is more convenient to clean.

And the frying basket is usually relatively small, too lazy to wash by hand, you can also put it directly into the dishwasher and leave it to the machine to wash.

If it's still troublesome, you might as well put a piece of tin foil or baking paper around the frying basket before frying, and place it on the ingredients. After frying, toss and carry out the "lazy" to the end.

4. Will air fryer cause cancer?

Although the air fryer is so easy to use, some people worry about whether the air fryer can cause cancer? Nonono. In fact, the carcinogenic "pot" really cannot be carried by the air fryer.

First of all, the acrylamide reported in the report is the result of the "Maillard reaction" and is not a unique product of the air fryer.

As long as there are reducing sugars and proteins in food, this reaction will occur when "high temperature" cooking is involved, and a certain amount of acrylamide will be produced.

In other words, even if the air fryer is not used, it is the same if it is replaced with an ordinary frying pan, frying pan, or oven.

Moreover, there is insufficient evidence that acrylamide causes cancer. To take a step back, even if there is a real risk, compared to other kitchen utensils, the air fryer is easier to control the cooking temperature and safer.

However, if you want to eat starchy food ingredients like French fries, it is recommended to pass water before cooking. This will wash away some reducing sugars and reduce the possible risk.

5. Compared with traditional frying, it is actually healthier

When buying an air fryer, many people have heard that the food it makes is healthier.

oil free cooking

Traditional frying usually requires a lot of oil. But the air fryer is different! It mainly uses hot air to separate the fat from food to achieve the effect of "I fry myself". It can even force out excess fat, and it seems to lose a bit of guilt after eating.

Compared to deep-fried, air-fat fried foods have lower fat content (especially saturated fat content). If you are losing weight, and occasionally want to eat fried food to relieve your greed, it is really a good choice.

There are many air fryers on the market. If you only care about performance, in fact, regular brands can buy very good ones for less than 300 yuan.

Don’t worry about having any cooking skills, and no longer afraid of being scalded, and you don’t need to keep the pot and air fryer at all times, making cooking easier and easier.

Want to hold a small food party at home? Hosome 1800w air fryer is your best choice. It is designed in an extra-large 7.4QT nonstick basket, 7 preset Menu, and LCD touch panel. Clean up in no time with a quick wipe down of the sleek stainless steel exterior, and a quick wash of the non-stick food basket and you're ready to cook another masterpiece.


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