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5 Reasons You Have to Buy a Toaster Oven

hosome toaster oven

We have all had days where we simply want one little item of salute browned to perfection-and not have to activate an entire oven as well as heat up the entire kitchen area in the process.

Or the moments when you have a house full coming over, and also it seems as if you require just more oven shelf to bake the rolls on or to maintain a recipe warm while the meat finishes up food preparation.

toaster oven

Or perhaps, it is a summer season evening and a pizza seems amazing-except the kitchen area is still blazing from a record-setting heat wave blasting via, and the last thing you intend to do is create more warmth in your house.

The list of examples might go on and on regarding why a toaster oven is an extremely helpful-if not essential-kitchen home appliance to own together with your traditional oven. Its little dimension, flexible uses, and also money-saving top qualities make a toaster oven worth checking into, if not going out as well as acquiring this evening.

1. Convenient Size

A toaster oven either fits precisely your countertop or can be hung from an add-on beneath your cabinets, depending upon the quantity of area you have. They typically range in size from under a foot to 2 feet.

When taking a look at dimensions, be sure to double check if the dimensions describe the actual dimension of the stove, or if it is the indoor dimension. This can make an influence on what you can fit within.

Undoubtedly, the size you choose determines what products you can prepare within. Also, the bigger the toaster oven, the larger the price tag. However, considering you can utilize your toaster oven in similar way you can use a standard oven, purchasing a larger toaster oven promptly settles.

2. Various Food Preparation Components

Toaster ovens have various cooking elements, depending on what you are looking for. Much of them include a convection function. This suggests generated heat is continually flowed throughout the stove through a follower.

The motion develops an also cooking setting, guaranteeing that the top and also all-time low are prepared night. That suggests warmth areas are eliminated: one location of a pan of cookies does not prepare more than one more.

Stove likewise reduced cooking down by almost a 3rd, conserving you not just time yet additionally electricity and also certainly, money.

Other toaster ovens cook generally using coiled burner. Some get on the top, others on the bottom, and some get on both. This is exactly how your conventional oven typically heats up.

These components can be made from different materials, however the very best are quartz on both the top as well as bottom, producing one of the most also cooking feasible. If you get a standard toaster oven, it is best to get a taller one so the coils are not right on top of the food you are cooking.

A more recent sort of heating element is ending up being prominent in toaster ovens. Infrared home heating sends rays right into the food to prepare them, similar to a microwave.

This provides the quick food preparation time. Nonetheless, you can just make use of metal frying pans, and also the danger of fires inside your oven is greater.

3. Cooking Racks as well as Drip Trays

All toaster ovens come with at least one rack, which you prepare your food on. Depending on the size, some featured two shelfs, which allow you to deal with more than one product each time, or to transform the height of the food away or in the direction of the burner.

It is practical to have shelfs which are removable or at the very least joint to create less complicated cleaning. Flexible shelfs are best for making even more space in your toaster oven.

Consisted of with toaster are also drip trays, which capture any crumbs or spills. This assists maintain your oven clean, along with stopping fires.
Detachable, non-stick drip trays are the most effective, as they are very easy to secure as well as tidy; If they are not, you either need to take care of to cleanse it out in a smaller location or choose the entire stove up and also hold it over the trash bin to empty the crumbs out.

4. Advantageous Options

One of the excellent advantages of toaster is their many options. Not all toaster ovens are produced equal. Some featured the very basics. A dial to establish the temperature level and also a shelf inside to hold the food.
Others are extra elite and come with touch screens and also rotisserie hooks. Whatever level of toaster oven you pick, however, the majority featured a flawlessly sized frying pan to fit inside the oven, so you can place the majority of your food preparation items on it instead of straight on the rack.

Pizza pans and cookie sheets are made to fit inside the in different ways sized toaster. Others have stones you can set inside which your pizza can sit on top of for the supreme preference. Block inserts can make the food taste as if it has come from a brick-oven.

Several toaster ovens have temperature settings, which go below 200 levels and also as high up as 500 degrees, together with broiling alternatives. The broad temperature level variety is in some cases more than a conventional stove. This is specifically helpful if you intend to prevent making use of a microwave, yet you certainly can not set your plate inside a conventional oven.

An additional warming advantage with some toaster is a burner in addition to the stove. Simply set your plate or a recipe you need to maintain warm while an additional chefs on the warming area, and your food will certainly be maintained a toast temperature-without further cooking. Perfect for those times you just can not obtain all your recipes ready at the same time.

5. Save Power as well as Money

Because a toaster oven is smaller sized than a conventional stove, you can conserve energy and money. Not just are you helping the atmosphere, but you are likewise aiding your pocketbook. Plus, because of the small dimension, the heat is had and can consequently, prepare your food quicker. By having to warm up much less area for a less quantity of time, you can keep your kitchen cooler, which does not leave you perspiring or escape your kitchen help.

A toaster oven can likewise assist you cut down on expenditures by motivating you to prepare at home more. Understanding that your food preparation time will certainly be faster and you do not encounter a warm cooking area, can inspire you to begin making even more homemade dishes rather than counting on the closest snack bar.

Eating out presses expenditures up-and you as well as your family's wellness lower. By cooking in the house, you can put together dishes where you know what ingredients you are utilizing, and where you can include fresh, healthy options.

Not only are you cutting down on unhealthy substances, however you are additionally obtaining a great beginning on managing your weight and also setting a good example for your children.

Hosome large toaster oven with 8 functions include air fryer for chips, roast, pizza, cookies, warmth, bake and broil, a great helper for making delicious food. Range 0-450℉ temperature, up to 60 Mins can be choice, precise temperature and time can be better to make yummy food.

3 Best Buy Handheld Cordless Vacuum Cleaner, in Addition to Dyson

best buy handheld cordless vacuum cleaner

Dyson has made the "handheld cordless vacuum cleaner" popular all over the world, and it is easy to use without wires.

handheld cordless vacuum cleaners

Anyone who has used Dyson knows that although it is cordless and convenient, it also has the common shortcoming of wireless vacuum cleaners-limited battery life. If the house is a little bigger or very dirty, you need to plan the cleaning time in advance, otherwise it might turn off the fire...

In fact, in addition to Dyson, there are 3 best buy handheld cordless vacuum cleaners that are also worth buying for different situations.

Recommended handheld cordless vacuum cleaners

Most handheld vacuum cleaners are wireless. They are compact, easy to store, and can be picked up and started anytime. But as mentioned at the beginning of the article, they also have common shortcomings.

Compared with horizontal vacuum cleaners, their suction power is generally lower, and their battery life is short, and it is difficult to deal with large-sized houses or houses that require heavy cleaning.

In addition, the capacity of the dust box is generally small, usually only about 0.5 liters. It is necessary to dump the dust box frequently, and it may become dusty again when dumping, causing secondary pollution.

In general, most hand-held vacuum cleaners are more suitable for small and medium-sized houses or used with sweeping robots.

Here are two recommended hand-held vacuum cleaners:

1. Hosome handheld cordless vacuum cleaner

Name: hosome hc20 pro cordless vacuum cleaner

hosome handheld cordless vacuum cleaner
The biggest feature of this vacuum cleaner is the humanized design of the 180-degree foldable tube, which can easily clean the bottom of the bed and home without bending over.

The high-efficiency 5-level HEPA filter system generates high-speed airflow, separates fine dust and dirt from the airflow, and securely locks them in the trash can to avoid secondary pollution. It captures 99.98% of tiny dust as small as 0.1 micron for you and Your family provides fresher air and a cleaner environment.

The hosome handheld cordless vacuum cleaner has enhanced lasting suction power, excellent dust collection capacity, low noise and low power consumption. There are 2 suction modes: 9000Pa suction allows you to easily handle daily cleaning tasks, and 15000Pa suction allows you to perform cleaning tasks more quickly and thoroughly.

In addition, it is considered the perfect choice for vacuum cleaners under $200.

2. Philips FC6171 cordless vacuum cleaner

The biggest feature of this vacuum cleaner is that it saves effort. The whole body of the fuselage is under the vacuum cleaner. When using it, there is no need to bear a lot of pressure on the wrist, and the handle is "gun-like", which can be easily pushed and used by the elderly at home.

And the body can be disassembled into two sections, which can meet the cleaning needs of more places. In addition to basic cleaning tasks for small and medium-sized houses, it can also be disassembled and turned into a mite removal device to meet the cleaning tasks of sofas, furniture gaps, and even cars.

If you already have a sweeping robot in your home to keep the floor clean, or it is equipped with a fresh air system, and the floor is higher, which is not easy to generate dust, then FC6171 is quite comfortable to use.

In addition, it can stand on its own without a bracket, and it is convenient to store, just give it to a small corner.

The price of about 1,000 yuan is quite cost-effective, and can be considered by ordinary households or renters.

3. Vorwerk VB100 cordless vacuum cleaner

Vorwerk was originally a brand of carpets. The purpose of researching vacuum cleaners was to clean carpets better. Unexpectedly, it became an industry benchmark once it was done.

On the one hand, this VB100 has the advantages that the handheld cordless vacuum cleaner does not take up space and can be opened and used at any time. On the other hand, it makes up for the various shortcomings of the handheld cordless vacuum cleaner.

First of all, the suction power is very large, and it can even complete heavy cleaning tasks, leaving many handheld vacuum cleaners beyond the reach.

VB100 has a suction power of 194AW (AirWatt, a unit reflecting the suction power of a vacuum cleaner, the larger the value is, the better). You must know that Dyson's latest flagship V11 has a suction power of 185AW, which is already the best in its class, and Vorwerk is even higher.

Secondly, the 0.8-liter disposable dust filter bag has a large capacity and does not need to be cleaned frequently. Throw it away when it is full. A bag similar to a trash can is not only convenient, but also prevents dust from flying when dumped.

Optional accessories are also abundant, and it can almost undertake cleaning tasks in various places such as floors, beds, sofas, ceilings, and pet hair.


The above handheld cordless vacuum cleaners all have their own characteristics and the prices are different. If you love a home, you can choose the right one according to your needs and budget.

Air Purifier Buying Guide | How Can I Buy the Best Air Purifier?

hosome air purifier

The sealed home environment makes people feel at ease, but it also faces the problem of air pollution. The air at home is five to ten times dirtier than the air outside. Americans spend 90% of their time indoors. Therefore, a high-quality air purifier is very important for health.

Buying the right air purifier can be confusing and frustrating. Some air purifiers currently on the market actually pollute the air with harmful levels of ozone, which is a strong lung irritant and is especially dangerous for asthma patients. Read this air purifier buying guide to learn about air purifiers and find a safe and effective device that suits your needs.

hosome air purifier

Common household air pollutants

Different air purifiers target different pollutants, so it is important to determine the pollutants to be removed from the home before buying an air purifier.

Airborne particles include pet allergens, dust mite allergens, pollen, plant spores, fungi, mold and tobacco smoke. They are the most common causes of indoor allergies and asthma attacks.

HEPA air purifiers are the best way to eliminate allergens in the air.

Household odors and gases include cooking odors, cat litter, tobacco smoke, various toxins and gaseous pollutants, such as indoor pesticides or aerosols. The activated carbon filter is very suitable for adsorbing those gases and odors that are too small to be captured by the HEPA filter.

Volatile organic compounds (VOC) are found in a variety of common household products: paints, varnishes, cleaning supplies, disinfectants, glues and adhesives, and even new carpets and construction supplies. Look for ingredients such as benzene, chloride, formaldehyde, ethylene, and toluene.

VOC can cause the following symptoms: irritation of the eyes, nose, and throat, headache, nausea, and even severe chronic health conditions such as damage to the nervous system. The presence of VOC can also exacerbate asthma.

Microorganisms include antigens, pathogens, bacteria and viruses. They are the everyday bacteria that make us sick. Mold is also considered a microbe.

Air purifier filter type

Different air purifier filters target different types of air pollution. HEPA air purifiers are the most popular. They are very suitable for eliminating household allergens such as dust, animal dander and pollen, but they are not very good at catching ultra-fine particles such as viruses or eliminating bad smells or chemical fumes.

Since different air purifier technologies have different advantages and disadvantages, many modern air purifiers combine two or more filter types in the same unit.

For example, Austin Air Super Blend Healthmate uses HEPA filters and activated carbon filters to help eliminate odors and smoke. Let's take a closer look at the different types of filters:

HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filters set air purification standards. By definition, HEPA filters can remove at least 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns.

HEPA air purifiers were originally developed by the Atomic Energy Commission to capture radioactive dust particles. The HEPA filter only allows very small particles to pass through. Allergens such as pollen, animal dander, mold spores, and dust are trapped in the filter.

The main disadvantage of HEPA air purifiers is that you have to replace the filters regularly.

Main advantage: If it is HEPA certified, then you know it is working well. Not all HEPA filters are the same.

Size is important: the more square feet the HEPA filter has, the more particles it can remove. The size, material, and structure of the actual filter media all play a role in the air purifier.

Ionizers and ozone generators generate charged particles (ions) and emit them into the surrounding air. These ions combine with impurities in the air (such as dust), forcing the impurities to adhere to nearby surfaces.

Therefore, ionizers usually create dirty spots on nearby walls and floors because they cannot eliminate impurities; ionizers simply force impurities to adhere to the surface (just like static electricity can make socks adhere to shirts).

Ionizers are the second most popular type of air purifier, but they all release ozone, which is a strong lung irritant and is especially dangerous for patients with asthma and other chronic lung diseases, children and the elderly.

The working principle of electrostatic precipitator is the same as ion generator and ozone generator, but electrostatic precipitator captures impurities instead of simply forcing them to adhere to the outer surface.

Electrostatic precipitators, such as the Friedrich C90B electrostatic air purifier, use electronic batteries to charge the particles in the purifier and immediately trap the impurities on the collecting plate. The main advantage of this type of air purifier is that there is no need to replace the collector plate; they can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher. Please note that some electrostatic precipitators also produce ozone.

Charged media filters work in the same way as electrostatic precipitators, but they collect particles on fiber filters instead of plates. The advantage of these filters is that they can collect very small particles, sometimes as small as 0.1 microns, through a combination of filter and electrostatic charge.

The disadvantage is that, like electrostatic precipitator filters, charged media filters quickly lose efficiency, and they may require more frequent filter replacement than HEPA air purifiers.

These types of devices can generate ozone, but better devices on the market cannot. If you want to buy this type of air purifier, please make sure it does not produce ozone. The best air purifier in this category is the Blueair air purifier.

Activated carbon filters are rarely used alone to purify the air, but they are often used in conjunction with other filters. Activated carbon and charcoal filters excel at adsorbing odors and gases and neutralizing smoke, chemicals and fumes.

When materials adhere by chemical attraction, "adsorption" occurs. Activated carbon is treated with oxygen, opening millions of holes in the carbon. There are so many tiny holes that a pound of activated carbon has a surface area of ​​60 to 150 acres. This huge surface area makes it ideal for adsorbing gases and odors.

These chemicals and gases are too small to be captured by the HEPA filter, but they will bind to the huge surface area of ​​activated carbon. The larger the carbon filter, the more chemicals it can absorb and the longer it will continue to work. When it is full, it can no longer adsorb and must be replaced. The impregnated carbon filter contains an additional chemical substance ("chemical adsorbent") to eliminate certain chemicals, such as VOCs.

Antibacterial and sterilization filters can eliminate bacteria and germs. For example, the IQAir Clean Room H13 HEPA air purifier uses HEPA filters that have been treated with chemicals to kill microorganisms in the air.

Other air purifiers, such as the AllerAir 4000 EXEC ultraviolet air purifier, use ultraviolet lamps to kill bacteria. When antigens and pathogens pass through the lamp, it emits ultraviolet waves, changing their DNA, making them sterile and harmless.

Air purifiers with UV filters are usually used in sterile environments, such as hospitals, kitchens, daycares, and laboratories. In residential use, they are very suitable for controlling mold. If you are a person who is often sick, then an air purifier with a sterilizing filter may be just what you need to provide additional boost to the immune system.

The pre-filter removes large particles before the primary filtration. Almost all air purifiers are equipped with a pre-filter.

Other factors to consider before buying an air purifier

Covered area

Make sure that the area listed for the air purifier is approximately the same or slightly larger than the area of ​​the room where you plan to use it.

Air changes per hour (ACH)-This number, also known as the ACH level, tells us how often the air purifier exchanges all the air in a given room. For example, if the purifier has an ACH level of 6 in a 20' x 20' room, it can exchange all the air in that room 6 times per hour. If you have allergies or asthma, you want an ACH rating of at least 4, preferably 6 or 8.

Clean Air Delivery Rate (CADR)

The CADR calculated by AHAM (Association of Household Appliance Manufacturers) tells us not only how much air is purified, but also the degree of purification. Air purifiers that have passed the AHAM test should have an AHAM certified seal and CADR numbers for three pollutants: tobacco smoke, pollen, and dust.

The higher the CADR level, the better the air purifier's suppression effect on this pollutant. The CADR rating is fairly calculated and approved by the Environmental Protection Agency and the American Lung Association.


Air purifiers range from affordable air purifiers for $100 for small spaces to air purifiers with a full load of more than $1,000 for large rooms.

Filter replacement

If you buy a HEPA filter, don’t forget to check the cost of replacing the filter. If your device contains both HEPA filters and carbon filters or other combined filter media, they may need to be replaced separately and may last for different periods of time. This can be troublesome, especially if they are difficult to access.

Noise level

Some air purifiers, such as Blueair units, are very quiet, while others can be very loud when running at high power. If possible, ask for a demonstration before buying an air purifier.

Energy use

Like all electrical appliances, different air purifiers use different energy sources during operation. Unlike most appliances, air purifiers run continuously, so you need to consider water and electricity bills before buying an air purifier.

If only volts and amperes are listed, just multiply the two together: volts x amps = watts. A typical mechanical air filter can be used anywhere from as low as 50 watts to as high as 200 watts. (For comparison, a typical lamp uses about 60 watts, while a typical computer uses about 365 watts).

Air pollution

Some air purifiers pollute the air with ozone, which is a strong lung irritant and is especially dangerous for asthma patients, children and the elderly.

Extra features

These are bells and whistles. They can make your air purifier easier to use. On the other hand, they can also significantly increase the price of air purifiers, but they are actually not much better than the next one.

You just need to decide which features will make your life easier and which are not worth the extra money. For example, the filter replacement indicator can let you know when to replace the filter. If you plan to move the air purifier frequently, the handles or casters are important.

Manufacturer's reputation

The reputation of the manufacturer and past customer experience are worth considering in your decision. Certain manufacturers and products are highly respected in the industry for a reason, and the same is true for products that have received less respect. Check customer reviews to understand reputation.


A five-year warranty is a good choice. Ten-year warranty is even better! Consider the warranty coverage-motors, fans, electrical components?

In addition, understand whether certain customer actions will invalidate the warranty. If the customer does not purchase a replacement filter within the recommended time period, some manufacturers will void the warranty; if you plan to reduce the frequency of running the air purifier, or if the air in your home is cleaner than average, this may result in inconvenient.